Leverage Your Technology Skills

Millennials are known for being technology savvy. Depending on what end of Millennial you are, some can’t remember a time living without a computer. I personally can remember my families first computer. I remember saving a document with an additional letter after each version because I didn’t realize that the document would save the new version on its own if I simply hit save.

I am writing this blog post to highlight to all the Millennials out there that our technology savvinness is a skill and one that we should be proud to have. While there are significant variations on what media technology savvinness can apply to, I will highlight the three pieces of software I have found helpful in all my positions.




Word is an exceptionally powerful piece of software. I know it might seem like such a basic piece of software but I’ve found it extremely valuable to know how to use, and use well. Word has many features such as linked table of contents, page breaks, extensive templates for just about everything, mail merging and much more! It is seriously a powerhouse that I’ve found very helpful.




Excel is another basic piece of software that most people know how to use but the real skill is knowing how to use it well. I’m still learning new excel functions every week. There’s no limit to ways you can sort through and analyze data and honing your skills in Excel will always prove to be valuable.


I learned some basic graphic design skills in college and have leveraged that initial training to be an extremely valuable asset in all my positions. There’s always new graphic design software that is coming out. I learned those basic skills in college on Quark Express, then I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. Now most designers are using Adobe Indesign along with Adobe Photoshop. To be honest, because I don’t make my living on graphic design I haven’t bothered staying extensively up to date on any design software outside of Adobe Photoshop and it’s always allowed me to do what I needed to do. Photoshop is a very powerful tool and knowing how to use it to edit images or design simple graphics will make you valuable.

Every job has its new piece of technology. The real asset that we Millennials have is that technology does not scare us. We are able to learn to use whatever is thrown at us at a much faster pace than most of our coworkers. Every time I’ve been thrown a new piece of technology or software I ‘ve found the world wide web to be extremely helpful in accelerating me through the learning curve. Resources like Youtube and Lynda.com can prove to be very valuable and I would encourage you to seek those resources to set yourself apart from the pack.



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