Building Relationships at Work Part 2

This blog post is a continuation of yesterday’s post on building relationships at work. If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog post, I would highly encourage reading it before you continue with this post. S0 far we’ve discussed the following parts of building strong relationships at work: asking people about themselves, staying positive, and being reliable. This blog post will go into the rest of the tips to keep in mind for building strong relationships at work. friends-at-work

1. Know that relationships take time: It’s important to keep this in mind when building relationships. A lot of people take time to open up and feel comfortable. Be patient with the process and don’t try to push your way in. You might strike out with people a couple times before you figure out the way to relate. Don’t worry. The majority of people are open to the process and going back and reengaging them in a conversation will prove to be beneficial.

2. Respect people’s communication style: This one’s true more for the workplace  than any other part of life. Different people like different styles. Some people really like to communicate through email, others IM (if you have it at work), and some like a good old fashioned phone call. I happen to be the phone call type, but I’ve also learned not to push my style onto others. When entering a new work relationship ask the person how they’d prefer to communicate. Respecting their style will make a surprisingly huge difference in paving the way to a lasting relationship.

 3. Spread the positive: People always love to hear the good things others think of them. If you hear someone say something positive about someone else, spread it to that person in your next conversation. Don’t reach out to that person specifically to spread what you heard, but the next time you communicate, make sure to let them know.

These are the tactics I’ve learned in building relationships at work. The initial effort put into building relationships has always been worth it in the end. Some of my best friends have come from people I’ve worked with. Many spend more time at work than they do at home so you might as well make it enjoyable!

Leave a comment with tactics you’ve learned for building relationships at work.


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