Does Success Come by Moving Forward, or Standing Still?

I have spent all of my adult life focused on moving forward. When I finished my bachelor’s degree I quickly went and found a job. This job led me to a career and then to another career and so forth. When I turned thirty I wanted to continue with moving forward and began an Executive MBA program. Now that I’m almost done with my degree you’d think that I would be focused on what’s next. Well, I’m starting to wonder if my constant focus on moving forward has stopped me from fully succeeding in what’s happening right now.

Looking back I wish I would have gone on that ceremonial graduation trip to Europe after my bachelors or taken that three month road trip around the US. At that time I had all the opportunities in the world for careless adventures but my constant need to move forward prevented me from taking advantage of them.

Dave and Roma McCoy

Dave and Roma McCoy

It’s interesting to think that perhaps letting go of the outcome for the future might allow you to fully succeed in the present. An interesting person as a comparison is the founder of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Dave McCoy. While I wasn’t around in the 50s when he founded the ski area, I am familiar with the stories and the facts. The fact is that he didn’t start the ski area until he was in his early 40s. 40 years old in the 50s is like 50 years old today – or even older. He was already done with more than half of his career time frame and he wound up having his biggest success. He wasn’t focused on future success but simply on doing what he loved (skiing) and assisting in providing those fun opportunities for others. Dave was famously known for thinking that every day is the best day ever. His joy was contagious and wound up attracting millions of people in the years to come.

So perhaps I should take the lesson of Dave McCoy and focus on today. The majority of us have amazing things happening all around us every day that we’re missing because we’re too focused on the next step. So here’s to living for today and temporarily forgetting about tomorrow!


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