Tools for Creating an Online Portfolio

In today’s world people look for everything online. They look for facts, they look for recipes, and they even look for information on people they know. In fact, according to CareerBuilder 39% of hiring managers research a candidate online during the application process. With such a high chance that you’ll be searched for online, why not create an online portfolio so you can control the message going out about your.

This past weekend I have been creating an online portfolio on a site called Powtoon. However, Powtoon is not your only option. Below I will outline your free options for creating an online portfolio.


Powtoon is the route I went because I wanted to be creative without having to think too hard. The way that Powtoon is designed you can’t help but make your portfolio lively and engaging. There are several formatting options for free. Plus hundreds of caricature options. The one negative side of Powtoon is that you can only have one recording for the entire presentation. This means that you have to either record your full presentation in Powtoon without having the slides in front of you or you need to record your presentation in another place and load it in. I wound up recording my presentation on my iPhone and then using Audacity to edit and reformat the recording into the appropriate file type. There was also an interim step of converting the iPhone MP4 format to WAV which is what Audacity uses. In short it was a bit of a pain but I wound up getting excellent sound quality.wix


Wix is a free online web creation program. Wix would be a good option if you don’t want narrative with your portfolio and simply want to have your work displayed in a clean and easy to follow manner. Wix’s big positives are that it has very modern templates to choose from and is incredibly easy to use.


Weebly is really similar to Wix. They both offer the option to create free websites and have a very easy to use platform. I think the difference between the two is that Wix has more modern looking templates and Weebly has more features for their user-face.


An online portfolio is always a weeblygood idea. It can be a little added extra to put in your resume that provides prospective employers an interactive look at your skills. Below is my current online portfolio made with Powtoon.

Let me know what you think!


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