Team Building, Does it Work?

The term team building has become somewhat of corny clique that brings forward images of trust falling into your coworkers hands. While the idea can be corny, I am a huge believer in getting people out of the office environment and interacting in situations that don’t revolve around work. Yes, team building is with all of your coworkers, and yes you are technically getting paid but this is the fun part of work.

Everybody is a person outside of work. Sometimes we get so caught up in the stresses of  the every day balancing act of commuting, projects, and deadlines that we forget that the people we work with are actually people. Yes, we know they live and breathe but it’s also important to be reminded of who they are. A day of team building can bring the glue back in your team that was starting to lose it’s stick.


The little one on top is our COF “captain of fun”

When out for a day of team building it’s important to initiate interaction with some type of physical activity. Physical activity (but not too physical) will get people moving and laughing. When people start laughing it’s the moment the team building starts. A little laughter will get people opening up and sharing parts about themselves that you never knew. The impacts of a day filled bonding with your team will be felt for a long time after it’s done. The activity of trust falling has some importance to the concept. When people trust each other they don’t fixate on the little things people say and are more open to different types of interactions. It’s amazing what even a tiny bit of trust can do.

Here is a photo of a team building outing I recently did with my coworkers. I have to admit a 1/2 day spent relaxing and doing silly games on the beach did a world of good. We’ve all had a very stressful few months and interacting in a non-formal environment helped bring us back to center.

Please leave a comment and let me know of your thoughts on team building and whether you think it works.


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